Mark Wallinger

Wood Green

223 / 270

Wood Green 223 / 270

Wood Green station opened on 19 September 1932. It was listed as Grade II in 2011.

The Chocolate Factory close by, a diverse spectrum of studios for over 200 creative bodies, was founded by Haringey Arts Council in 1996.

Also nearby is Alexandra Palace, built in 1873 as North London’s rival to South London’s Crystal Palace. Led Zeppelin performed at the Palace in 1970. Pink Floyd, The Stone Roses, Robbie Williams, Jay Z and Florence and the Machine have also appeared there.

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posted by: Mick Tarrant on 22 April 2014 at 7:44 pm

Look for the large roundels on the exterior walls, and the ventilation grills built into the platform walls. Lots of original heritage bronze features. Enjoy.

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