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The original Great Western Railways station opened on 1 October 1904, and was rebuilt to join the Central line on 30 June 1947 – initially as the line’s north-west terminus, but by November 1948 the line had been extended to West Ruislip.

Until March 2014, Greenford was the last station on the whole of the London Underground network to use wooden escalators.
Nearby is The Heritage Centre, which displays a range of household items that would commonly be found in domestic homes and gardens throughout the 20th century.
Keith Moon, drummer of The Who, started his career in Greenford with the less well-known band The Detours.

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posted by: Mick Tarrant on 18 April 2014 at 8:12 pm

Sadly I understand that the last operational wooden tread escalator which was at Greenford, has been removed. It’s last day of service was rather poignant as it was 11th March 2014, the anniversary of my birthday, shortly before it was installed. I understand there are now only 3 remaining wood tread escalators, 1 at Alperton, and 2 at Earls Court. All not in public service. I trust that whilst it was working that you managed to travel on the Greenford escalator, and Enjoy.

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