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Ladbroke Grove

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Ladbroke Grove 243 / 270

When the station opened in 1864 it was named Notting Hill and, after acquiring a handful of other names in the meantime, was renamed Ladbroke Grove in 1938. In an effort to highlight the station’s proximity to London’s biggest antiques market, traders are currently requesting another change of name, in favor of ‘Portobello Road’.

Punk band ‘The Clash’ formed in Ladbroke Grove in 1976.

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posted by: Maria on 9 July 2019 at 12:48 pm

The painting Reminded me of a brain. My mum died last June for brain cancer. Mum was borne in 1938, when the station was renamed and I just moved here. The artwork showed what seems to me a brain to have a way out.
From now on, this station will always be unique for me.

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