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The station opened in 1889 as Chorley Wood, was renamed Chorley Wood & Chenies in 1915, reverting back to its original name in 1934 and since 1964 known as Chorleywood.

Chorleywood as a settlement dates back to the Paleolithic era, when a plentiful supply of flint led to the development of tools by early man. The Romans built a small village on the ancient site with a mill and brewery, and the ruins of a Roman villa are thought to be underneath the M25.

In a 2004 survey of English neighbourhoods by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, Chorleywood West was found to offer the highest quality of life.

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posted by: Mick Tarrant on 17 April 2014 at 11:32 am

Look for a heavily vandalised metal box on top of a pole, to the left of the exit from the Northbound platform to the car park. This is the remains of an Honesty Box, for customers excess fares. Enjoy.

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