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Clapham North

111 / 270

Ticket hall

Clapham North 111 / 270

Designed by TP Figgis in 1900, Clapham North is one of two remaining stations that has an island platform, serving both the northbound and southbound lines.

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posted by: Nick Tanner on 9 February 2014 at 9:21 am

the Labyrinth at Clapham North was almost completely hidden by a large plant making interaction with the artwork impossible. Surely somebody could have spoken to the station master who is clearly a keen gardener and arranged to have the artwork installed in a place that does not interfere with his/her horticultural interests. Also the Labyrinths at Aldgate and Oval stations were completely hidden by mobile notice boards on my visits; I get the feeling that LU station staff don’t fully understand (or care) about the concept of Labyrinth. At Elephant and Castle a member of station staff asked me what I was doing photographing the Labyrinth, when I tried to explain he just looked bewildered. On the up side I have now completed all of zone 1 with the exceptions of Cannon Street and Euston Square which don’t have Labyrinths yet


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