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Green Park

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Green Park 232 / 270

Originally named Dover Street when it opened in 1906, the station was rebuilt in 1933 and renamed Green Park after the nearby 40-acre triangular park, next to Buckingham Palace, a peaceful public place in the heart of London filled with mature trees and grassland. The park is said to have originally been a swampy burial ground for lepers from nearby St James’ hospital.

A notable feature of Green Park station is John Maine’s Sea Strata – a permanent artwork for the station made from Portland stone and granite – commissioned by Art on the Underground.

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posted by: Linda Tiley on 2 October 2014 at 7:04 am

This is the first one I have seen “in the flesh”, and touched, I am going to try and see as many as I can, although I don’t live in London now. I really admire Mark Wallinger and love that he is a Londoner and this artwork surrounds us.

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