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Circle & District ticket hall

Victoria 103 / 270

Victoria station is named after nearby Victoria Street, which was built in honour of Queen Victoria in the 1850s.

Victoria is the second busiest station in London, with over 73 million passengers a year, the majority of whom head for the Victoria line.

Situated beneath Victoria railway terminus, Victoria is in fact two interconnected Underground stations, built on different levels and a century apart. The oldest, on the northern side of the bus station, is a sub-surface building that opened in 1868 as one of the stops on the new Metropolitan District Railway ‘cut and cover’ line from South Kensington to Westminster. It now serves the Circle and District lines. The newer station, opened on 7 March1969 on the deep-level Victoria line that had been extended from Warren Street. For more than two years the station served as the line’s terminus until it was extended to Brixton in July 1971.

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posted by: MarkL on 5 November 2017 at 1:47 pm

Has this one been taken down? Couldn’t find it today – staff member said the column it was on has been re-tiled but didn’t know if the Labyrinth had been moved.

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