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Acton Town

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Acton Town 259 / 270

In 1903, the northbound Metropolitan line tracks from Acton Town to a new station, Park Royal & Twyford Abbey (now Park Royal), became the first of the Underground’s surface lines to use electric traction instead of steam.
The station was rebuilt in 1932, designed by Charles Holden in a modern European geometric style using brick, reinforced concrete, and glass. Across the road from the station is the London Transport Museum’s Acton Depot, opened to the public a number of times throughout the year, where the reserve collection of rail and road vehicles is housed.
Waitrose was founded on Acton High Street as Waite, Rose and Taylor in 1913.
Acton is the birthplace of The Who.
Although Rodney and Del Boy, in the TV Sitcom Only Fools & Horses, supposedly lived in the fictional Nelson Mandela House, Peckham, the actual block of flats used was Harlech Tower in Acton.

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