Diamonds and Circles, works in situ

Daniel Buren

A New Permanent Commission for Tottenham Court Road
1 May 2017

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Permanent Artwork

Renowned French artist Daniel Buren was selected in 2008 to create a new permanent installation for the upgraded Tube station at Tottenham Court Road, due for completion in 2017. The artwork will become a major feature of both the two new entrances from Oxford Street and Charing Cross Road and inside the new ticket hall.

Buren’s designs play with simple concepts; shapes, colours and his trademark stripes. Buren will create a colourful series of large scale diamond and circle shapes fixed to the station’s internal glass walls. 2.4m in height and diameter, the diamond and circle shapes will repeat through the space. A cabinet containing the ‘parents’ of the forms in three dimensions will be installed in a vitrine inside the ticket hall.

On completion, Buren’s artwork will ask us to look afresh at the space of Tottenham Court Road station. The artwork sits firmly within Buren’s illustrious practice, and yet presents the public with something wholly new.

Daniel Buren is largely considered France’s greatest living artist and one of the most significant contributors to the conceptual art movement. His major public art interventions can be seen worldwide at locations including The Palais-Royal in Paris; Odaïba Bay, Tokyo and the Ministry of Labour, Berlin. This will be his first permanent public commission in the UK offering millions of Tube users and wider public a unique chance to enjoy a world-class piece of contemporary art.

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