One Thing Leads to Another – Everything is Connected

Richard Long

Print Giveaway on the Jubilee line
2 June 2009 – 3 June 2009

Part of the following series:

Jubilee Line Series

In celebration of 30 years of the Jubilee line, Art on the Underground commissioned a series of contemporary artworks under the umbrella theme of The Value of Time to be exhibited along the line from June 2009 to 2011.

This print by Richard Long, made in a limited edition of 60,000, is the first one of this series of commissions and is being given away to London Underground customers on 02 and 03 June from 7am to 12pm.

This artwork was produced in partnership with Tate Britain to coincide with the exhibition Richard Long: Heaven and Earth, a major survey of Richard Long’s work at Tate Britain that is open from 03 June to 06 September 2009.

The work contrasts the diverse landscape that the Jubilee line travels through, from Stanmore to Stratford, with the rugged landscape of the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland, which was traversed by Long on foot on one of the many walks he has made as an integral part of his art.

The title of Long’s work One Thing Leads to Another – Everything is Connected was adopted as the name for the overall series of new artists commisions for the Jubilee line and the accompanying exhibition held at City Hall in 2010.
For background on Richard Long: Heaven and Earth, Tate Britain 2009.


  • For my friend Marc in New York who told me about the print: A 187 bus ride and walk along the Finchley Road,Return A sequence of things of one thing leading to another and it all linked Morning emails at 7:30, Omg, message from Marc A connection to freeeeeee – an art work – Richard Long – freeeeee Surge in energy – sunny warm flat to world outside sun, beauty, bus wait -impatience Bus! Ride , disturbing baby College Crescent, Finchley Rd McDonald’s busy Green Cottage Closed Waitrose stirring Up slight hill – sun shining Woolworth’s alas Finchley Road Tube Communters puzzle over the poster given Or is it a print Table, print/posters FREEEEEEEEEEE 4 taken Chat tate workers ponder ebay worth – 25 gbp in 2030? Will wait walk, walk, Alison – alight from Finchley Rd pls. Get some more please. Agrees Woolworths again alas Sun breeze in my eye Swiss cottage – bus stop 46, joy to Lauderdale Cafe – eggs, coffee – ponder again Tribune out, jonathan miller at the 92nd St Y wish to have been there. then to you all – meines NY friends miss you -we are all linked by poster….print -one is Freeeee to you all Finish, my desk, work 9AM More tomorrow?

    Mara Gardner