Mark Wallinger

A major artwork commission for all 270 stations to mark LU's 150th anniversary
5 February 2013

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Mark Wallinger, one of the UK’s leading contemporary artists, created a major new artwork for London Underground to celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2013. The result, commissioned by Art on the Underground, is a multi-part work on a huge scale that is installed in every one of the Tube’s 270 stations. Wallinger sees the commission as a unique opportunity to explore the potential of the Underground as a whole. Wishing to forge a poetic link with the Tube’s rich history of graphic language, he has made a work that sits comfortably alongside the two of its major design icons, the roundel and Harry Beck’s Tube map, and yet stands out as a new symbol marking the Tube’s 150th year.


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  • As the UK’s leading labyrinth trainer I am delighted with this project exposing so many to this beautiful, contemplative archetype. Thank you

    Di Williams

  • It reminds me of Stonehenge, the circular structure, like London itself

    Leah Carol Reichman

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