Wing-sleepers (Songbird), 2018

Marianna Simnett

Digital Pigment print
Size: 21.2 x 27.3 cm
Edition of 30

Wing-sleepers, the third edition of the Night Tube cover by Marianna Simnett, shows a multi-species flock of luminous birds falling against a velvet night sky. Their glowing forms seep out of the inky black, appearing simultaneously hand drawn and digitally rendered. Simnett works across installation, drawing, performance, painting and video; her work explores our increasingly digital lifestyle through a lens of embodied experience.

The birds depicted in Wing-sleepers are not falling but rather sleeping during flight. London-based Simnett took the 24-hour context of the Night Tube as her initial point of departure; the species of birds painted, which include gulls, swifts and songbirds, all sleep on the wing during their long migrations.

To accompany this new Night Tube Map Simnett has produced a series of three limited edition artworks depicting a selection of these birds.

A set of all 3 available at a discounted price of £250.

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