Thin Cities

Asia Alfasi, Guy Bar Amotz, Rut Blees Luxemburg, Tom Bloor, Simon Bloor, Jim Isermann, Heather & Ivan Morison, Nils Norman, Keith Wilson, Richard Woods

100 years of the Piccadilly line
1 December 2006 – 1 April 2007

Part of the following series:

Thin Cities

Thin Cities is a series of artworks commissioned by Platform for Art to appear in specific stations along the Piccadilly line

The projects were commissioned as part of celebrations to mark the centenary of the Piccadilly line.

The series was built on the theme of past, present and future and is inspired by the travels of the 14th Century explorer Marco Polo, as retold in the book Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino. Each artist engaged with a different aspect of the Piccadilly line and its history, resulting in a site specific group exhibition on a grand scale. As explorers and storytellers themselves, the artists revealed new perspectives on London through their artworks.

For Thin Cities thanks to Francesca Alaimo who was responsible for collecting all the information contained on the station pages as well as the individual photos of each station.

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