The New Transport Band

Guy Bar Amotz

1 December 2006 – 2 April 2007

Part of the following series:

Thin Cities

The New Transport Band 2006 is a sculptural PA system for performers who have been invited to play at Piccadilly line stations. The sculptures have a contemporary gothic quality. Busts of legendary musicians peer from each speaker, accompanying the performers in spirit.

Within the speakers the artist has immortalised the American musicians John Fahey who played acoustic guitar, Thelonious Monk, a pianist, and the cross-gender diva Divine famed for her voice. Each musician was chosen because their tragically early deaths assisted their rise to legendary status, a situation readily exploited by the entertainment industry.

Bar-Amotz’s speakers project an idea of the ‘spirit’ of each musician living on in others. His collection of performers has developed out of a global tradition of the way travelling musicians, bands and performers maintain the spirit of previous eras. The use of the busts, broken musical instruments, arches and curves, and the decoration of stony flowers gives the work a nostalgic, memorial-like character. The artist’s intention is to allow further interpretation of the work through the performers and the music they play.

Performances will be staged at a range of venues in connection with Thin Cities. The dates are listed along with more detailed information about performers and locations on the News page.

The sound system was co-produced with Wysing Arts and the Ein-Harod museum.