The necessity of everyday living

Simon Bloor, Tom Bloor

1 December 2006 – 1 April 2007

Part of the following series:

Thin Cities

The title of this project came from research into the work of Charles Holden, the architect who brought modern forms to the underground in the 1930s. In a manner typical of their practice, the artists have pulled this saying from their research and used it as a title.

The artists will be ‘in residence’ in the unused ticket office at Arnos Grove. Over four, week-long, sessions they will produce items such as postcards and posters. These new artworks will reflect the Piccadilly line’s culture, both historical and contemporary.

The ‘Passimeter’, as the unused ticket office is known, will become a creative hub. It will contain the artists’ activities, act as a meeting point and also serve as a 3d canvas as the artists paste a growing collage of posters onto the building itself.

The artists ware encouraging the people who use Arnos Grove to come and meet them and see the work as it progresses. Audiences are invited to contribute stories and facts about the station’s everyday life as well as its exceptional moments.

Much of Simon and Tom’s work comes from dialogue between themselves, other creative practitioners and the people who live or have lived in the sites they temporarily occupy. The artists are adept at searching out unnoticed combinations of information lying just beneath the surface of a place. They collect material from diverse sources including song lyrics, sci-fi novels, historical documents and 20th century architecture & design. This process yields a number of ‘products’ as artworks including handmade publications, drawing, sculpture and installation.