Art on the Underground Writer in Residence


The Art on the Underground Writer in Residence 2022 is a brand-new opportunity for a TfL staff member to develop their writing by working with Art on the Underground.

The Writer in Residence programme will highlight and amplify the creative voices within TfL, creating engaging responses to Art on the Underground artists and artworks throughout 2022.

Our first writer is Ayesha Kundi, Customer Service Assistant. Ayesha will produce three written responses to the 2022 Art on the Underground programme.

Ayesha said: “Writing has been a huge part of my life. I am a deeply sensitive person; my writings portray my personal experiences and inspiration from those around me. I think the Staff Writer in Residence programme is an amazing opportunity to explore one’s ability. We have so many people working for LU with various backgrounds. Opportunities like this are fun and take your mind away from the monotonous routine. I was absolutely ecstatic to learn that I was onboard!”