Victoria Line Sample Set

Matt Rogers

A free set of audio samples taken from the Victoria Line
Oct 2015 - Apr 2016

Part of the following series:

Underline: Art & Music for the Victoria line

Matt Rogers’ Sample Set:
Use AIFF download for Garageband, and WAV download for others


As part of his commission for Underline, composer Matt Rogers has been exploring the platforms, passageways, trains and operation rooms that make up the Victoria line. As any traveller knows, it is an environment rich in sound, and Matt aimed to break this down into recorded audio components apt for musical composition. The result is the Victoria Line Sample Set. It is a tool for anyone to use as they wish, comprising discreet noises, ambient sound and percussive passages – all of which are familiar and yet tip into abstraction, becoming musical elements ready for activation.

For Matt, the sample set has a different presence compared to the performances he is also making for the project. Where performances are fleeting and in the control of the composer and musicians, these samples are enduring and genuinely interractive.

You are encouraged to download the full set and use them in your own way, on your own terms, with free license, whether that is for making music, soundscapes, soundtracks for video, animation, live performance or whatever else would benefit from the these mechancially, electrically and socially generated sounds.

We would be very interested to hear your Victoria Line Sample Set creations, so if you would like to share them please submit your tracks by following the instructions below – Now closed for entries.

Click link below to hear a selection of compositions:

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Matt Rogers is commissioned by Art on the Underground in collaboration with London Sinfonietta

Underline Public Programme is supported by Arts Council England