Jacqueline Poncelet

Jacqueline Poncelet
17 January 2013 – 10 November 2014

Rewrap was a set of artworks created by leading, London-based artist Jacqueline Poncelet.

Designed specifically for the ticket hall sites at Piccadilly Circus station, the artworks were companion pieces to the permanent work, Wrapper, created by the artist and commissioned by Art on the Underground for a new building at Edgware Road Tube station.

Wrapper dresses the new building with a grid of patterns. Each pattern relates to a different part of Edgware Road area and was made in response to the images and ideas that the artist developed during three years of research there. To create the new works here, Poncelet has selected specific patterns from the Edgware Road ‘palette’ that she feels have relevance in the context of Piccadilly Circus. The patterns, derived from drawings of cars, water and leaves as well as Tube iconography, have been given a new and different existence here. Poncelet has re-choreographed them in relation to these surroundings, combining them in afresh and in alternative colour-ways.

The result, whilst clearly related to Wrapper, differs significantly and reaffirms the remarkable role that both pattern and colour play as key storytellers for daily life.
‘A pattern not only speaks of other places, but of changes in our culture and the passage of time’, says Poncelet.

Visiting Information

Artworks for this project are not currently available to visit. The stations where they were / will be installed are listed below.