7 August 2006 – 27 August 2006

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Community Projects

On, around and beneath Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London SW7

Public Launch Event Friday 11 August, 9pm, free. Street take-over, large-scale projections and buskers’ orchestra

Monday 7 – Sunday 27 August, 10am-5pm, free. Exhibitions, guided walks, audio-visual and graphic installations

Sponsored by Bloomberg

Experience the extraordinary combination of cutting-edge multimedia art, prestigious museum collections and secret archives.

International arts organisation motiroti has created Priceless, a multi-layered artwork in which the voices of individuals and institutions merge in surprising and unexpected ways. Objects of great value have been chosen by each institution to inspire an imaginative journey. People’s unique stories and memories are showcased through audiovisual portraits, mobile exhibitions, installations and large-scale projections.

Artistic Director: Ali Zaidi
Video: Daniel Saul
Sound and Music: Poulomi Desai
Free guided tours led by artists are available on Saturdays.
For more information contact Serpentine Gallery, Kensington Gardens London W2 3XA Tel. 020 7402 6075

Priceless at South Kensington Station underpass
7–27 August 2006

Platform for Art has nominated South Kensington station and its staff as Priceless.

For 138 years South Kensington station has been the hub of a unique community of traders, museum workers, loiterers and licensed buskers who create the background atmosphere of this rich and complex environment.

motiroti has worked with LU staff to explore their personal connections and social networks. The participants were recorded in sound, video and writing by motiroti artists, who translated this information into an extraordinary series of graphic portraits and maps.

Along the length of the tunnel, 17 wall graphics and 26 individual floor constellations reveal the staff’s “hidden maps” of connections, and their personal worlds. Staff at South Kensington are connected with 66 national cities, 41 international cities, speaking a total of 33 languages.

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Visiting Information

Artworks for this project are available to visit at the following stations. Where more detailed visiting information is available, page links have been included in the list below.