Pop Will Eat Itself

Rachal Bradley, Jack Newling, Richard C Thomas, Roland Ross, Sam Plagerson

12 July 2009 – 30 November 2009

POP WILL EAT ITSLEF is an exhibition of new and recent work by five artists at Piccadilly Circus Underground station. Each artist has made new work or is representing existing work especially to be shown in the unique context of the 1930s listed ticket hall located directly beneath the iconic Piccadilly Circus in the heart of the

The following works are included in the exhibition: a digital animation of a starfish which is viewed through a peep hole into an empty shop unit (Richard C Thomas);
a softly glowing large-scale digitally manipulated photograph of a male chest (Rachal Bradley); a series of bold graphic prints that play with symbols and patterns familiar to the Underground (Jack Newling); a scrolling digital display of pairs of contemporary and vintage album covers (Roland Ross) and a delicately rendered ceramic bust of Jennifer Lopez (Sam Plagerson).

The title POP WILL EAT ITSELF is borrowed from the 80’s Indie band of the same name, who, in turn, took its name from the title of an article written by David Quantick for the New Music Express. In the article Quantick critiques the state of 80’s music which, at the time, constantly borrowed and regurgitated ideas and melodies from other artists and bands.

The exhibition takes its cue in part from this process and also from the famous backdrop of garish advertising billboards located above ground. Each work presents a contemplation of the role of images in today’s mass media society, encouraging the viewer to reflect on the way visual languages, including highly mediated imagery and symbols, shape and inform our everyday world.

Art on the Underground commission work from artists at varying stages in their careers, providing opportunities to present work in the challenging and vibrant context of London Underground. The individuals in this show have been selected as distinguished artists who have emerged from London’s renowned fine art courses at Goldsmiths College of Art, Wimbledon School of Fine Art, The Royal College of Art and the Royal Academy.

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