Pop-Up Journeys

Sarah Bridgland

A paper art project exploring architectural journeys through London
25 April 2013 – 1 December 2013

Sarah Bridgland is an artist who works in collage and makes 3D paper constructions. In partnership with ReachOutRCA, Art on the Underground invited her to develop a project with a group of Year 7,8 and 9 students from Holland Park School in response to Big Ben [2012], a large-scale artwork by international artist Sarah Morris. The twelfth commission at Gloucester Road station, Big Ben [2012] is a site-specific response to the station’s architecture and to London itself.

Like Morris, Bridgland wanted to use the city of London, its rich architecture and the idea of journeys as a source of inspiration for the project. The students visited Morris’ artwork to gain an understanding of how she had built up an abstract image with a sequence of complex, geometric shapes inspired by the structure of Big Ben. At Gloucester Road station they made a collection of line drawings, rubbings and collages based on the shapes, signs, textures and architectural details they found, as well as collecting collage material such as pocket Tube maps and leaflets. This informed a series of playful exercises and visual investigations into ‘drawing with paper’ back at school.

These final 3D paper constructions reflect each individual’s interests and visual investigations of London, whether through deconstructing an architectural landmark, expressing their experiences of travelling in the city, or recording architectural details and symbols, even the skyline. As Bridgland has commented, “These works act as a personal record of the students’ journeys, like a ‘pop-up’ visual diary – an abstract portrait of the London that they each know.”

Download the Pop-Up Journeys Teacher Pack: Key Stage 3

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Visiting Information

Artworks for this project are available to visit at the following stations. Where more detailed visiting information is available, page links have been included in the list below.


  • Love the wonderful bright colours, brings a sunny exciting side to travelling as opposed to the usual grey Monday morning feel!


  • These look great! Very exciting and personal visual responses. They remind me of the Art on the Underground project I led with LU staff and students from The Charter School at Southwark station… I’m looking forward to seeing them in the flesh!


  • Well done to the students, AOTU and the RCA – clearly in the 3D paper constructions you’ve hit on a great outlet for creativity. Many of the final models are really expressive.

    E. Andreyevich

  • This is very cool. Very impressed.


  • This looks like a very exciting project- what a wonderful idea!


  • I really like Harper Doyle’s hands – the proportions, and the colours. Great gesture. Nice work!

    Will S

  • These are so inventive. I especially like the one with the Underground lines emerging from the map!

    Celia Coulson

  • Ed Wilkinson’s is truly remarkable – what a wonderful construction. This work is fantastic, a real reflection of the weird corners and colours of a huge and diverse city! Well done to all involved!


  • some great ideas here!


  • Great cheerful evocation of London — and a bright addition to Earls Court!


  • The gerkin is particularly good. Very clever use of an iconic building.


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