All Time Would be Perpetual Spring

Imran Qureshi

Imran Qureshi, December 2013
6 December 2013 – 20 May 2014

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Tube Map

Imran Qureshi’s work is underpinned by his interest in and reflection on the relationship between ancient, traditional life and contemporary life in Pakistan as well as the complex relationship between Islamic and Western life and culture.

He has developed a practice that consistently references the motifs, symbolism, and ornaments of the Moghul tradition that thrived in the north of the Indian subcontinent from the 16th to 19th centuries. Working with these old Islamic forms of art Qureshi combines traditional motifs and techniques with conceptual thinking and a contemporary approach to abstract painting to address complex issues and relationships in his work. His on-going investigation into ornamentation is both an acknowledgement of and a critique of tradition: of constricting role models, violent political and religious systems, stereotypes, and conventions.

Key to his practice is his training in and mastery of the techniques of traditional miniature painting from the same region, which he uses in new, strategic endeavours; often for site-specific works and installations, whether addressing architectural space or working in 2 dimensions on canvas or paper or in book format.

His creation, All Time Would be Perpetual Spring, for the Tube map cover references the map and the Underground itself to bring a new image, based in the miniature tradition, to millions of people who will carry it in their hands as they go about their journeys ‘hundreds of feet under the ground’.

Qureshi explains, “The main idea behind this art work comes from thinking about Art in the Underground. I was always inspired by a life, an activity, and an amazing energy going on hundreds of feet down below the ground. The colours in the work are inspired by the different Tube lines and the foliage that emerges out of each colour represents life; colourful flora which is growing and creating a completely new atmosphere and a positive energy.”


  • I love this. Reminds me of some of sonia bublaitis’s work-


  • I came to London on holiday and saw this. I have a copy of the map on my bedroom wall in Karachi. Such a beautiful work by one of Pakistan’s leading artists. Art on the Underground – projects like this make London a truly inspiring global city. Thank you for making me feel at home while I was abroad!

    Umbreen Khan

  • As a botanical artist myself I can really appreciate the work and thought behind this cover, well done.

    Sylvia Law

  • I’ve always enjoyed both Art on the Underground and Poetry on the Underground, but Imran Qureshi’s Tube map cover, in poster form, was the first piece to stop me completely in my tracks. The first time I saw it I just stood and stared, and now I look for it each time I pass through an Underground station. I love the use of the colours – a reminder that the colour palette we see each time we look at the Tube map is actually really beautiful.

    Angharad M

  • Whenever I tell someone that I work for LU, the Art on the Underground is always one of the topics of conversation. Everyone talks about the various campaigns and how diverse and thought provoking they are. I have many favourites myself when it comes to the Tube map covers (I see them everyday!) and this one by Imran Qureshi is definitely in my top 3. Such a subtle and beautiful representation of the LU lines.


  • Qureshi is one of the leading contemporary masters in art and is pushing the boundaries of miniatures. The TFL cover is an amazing body of work which goes beyond his award winning works at major art commissions in New York and Sharjah it name a few. A totally refreshing piece of art work.


  • Love it!!


  • Absolutely love the new cover for the Tube map! So beautiful…my favourite so far!

    Laura Wilson

  • An absolutely beautiful image! Congratulations to both Imran and Art on the Underground for commissioning this for the Tube map cover. It stands alone as an excellent piece of art, and the recognition and ownership it offers London (and the world’s, because let’s admit it, a lot of people pass through the Underground, whether Londoners or visitors) Pakistani community is so very thoughtful. Thank you!


  • Hi Team TFL Good to see the great design and colours of tube map, Indeed its give a fresh look and attract the user to keep in pocket to travel in right directon. Very nice Art work, Indeed, its a good work done by artist, Imran. Congrtulation to all TFL members for getting a new and gental look of the map. Awais


  • Love it, looking forward to framing this TFL cover!

    Anil Ahmed

  • Extremely refreshing ….congrats imran


  • Excellent work!!

    Samia riaz

  • Good work. Proud of you brother !


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