My Flag

31 May 2007 – 30 November 2007

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Community Projects

An exhibition of posters by students from Kingsbury High school in collaboration with Tajender Sagoo.

Platform for Art is delighted to present an exhibition of posters by Kingsbury High school students. My Flag is a series of new flags symbolising cultures, languages, traditions and religions from across the world. The students have drawn ideas from their family backgrounds and from research into different cultures. Islamic architecture, Buddhist symbols, shapes and jewellery traditionally worn by South Indian dancers, oranges commonly used in Indonesian fabrics and the hot colours of African landscapes are examples of the different visual references that can be seen in the flags. Tajender Sagoo worked with the students to explore new techniques in sewing, printing and painting to weave their ideas together and create these lustrous and vibrant personal emblems.

People that live, work and study in Kingsbury have originated from all over the world and can speak many languages. My Flag shows that even a small and local station like this one, serves a diverse international local community. What would your personal flag look like?

Visiting Information

Artworks for this project are available to visit at the following stations. Where more detailed visiting information is available, page links have been included in the list below.


  • I passed thru kingsbury on my usual daily grind. THANX so much for brighten my morning and evenig visits. It is brilliant to see local young people showing their paintings. I do not usually think much of art but after passing these paintings everyday for a week I spotted your website address. It has also impressed me because normally art by rich pople you”ve enevr heard of getting drunk in the papers and these are by people my neiece goes to school with. It makes me feel great I live here. My cousin visited on saturday and I deliberately advised her to take the tube! Normally I would be embarrassed as the station looks scruffy and she worries about getting mugged!


  • I was one of the artists who was involved with this exibition and i would like to thank all of the TRANSPORT FOR LONDON staff for bringing this oppertunity to life, it would not have been possible without the help recieved from you and the teching staff at KINGSBURY HIGH SCHOOL. thank you

    Bharat Pankhania