In Transit

Mar 2016 - Dec 2016

Part of the following series:

In Transit led by artist Holly Graham worked with two London-based schools to explore the notions and themes behind Art on the Underground’s largest artwork by Mark Wallinger, Labyrinth.

Each workshop encouraged groups from both Central Foundation School for Boys’ School, Old Street and The Bridge Secondary School to think about journeys experienced when travelling in London on the Northern Line.

By building the workshops on narrative and game-play, elements from Holly Graham’s own practice, the students exchanged ideas on personal experiences, feelings and memories of London Underground.

The project was designed to encourage reflection, exploration, creative thinking, and increased confidence in independent travel; while imparting technical skills of stencil-printmaking and clay tile-making.

At Kentish Town station you will now find two screen-printed wallpapers made by The Bridge whilst at Old Street you will find the tiles by Central Foundation School for Boys together in form of a snake. The two schools’ pieces may be viewed individually as separate art objects, or may also be read as a set that interlink; component parts of a board-game with no specified start or finish; printed backdrop and ceramic counters. The artworks take the form of an eclectic ensemble of symbols that encourage playful navigation of fragments of journey narratives.