Horizon Line, Shadow Line, Time Line

Darren Almond

Bond Street Elizabeth line station will open later than the rest of the nine new stations on the line. Work continues at Bond Street to complete the station for customers as soon as possible. There will be two entrances, one at Davies Street (providing interchanges with the Central and Jubilee lines) and one at Hanover Square.

Horizon Line is a large grid of fragmented numbers cast in aluminium.

Situated high above the main tunnel entrance, this numerical array echoes the path of travellers as they descend under ground.

Referencing our daily routines, timetables and schedules, these 144 individual hand-polished tiles create a landscape of continual movement and ever-changing subjectivity. At a distant point near the horizon rises a single complete number: a zero, the eternal symbol of the infinite and balance point of the absolute.

Shadow Line and Time Line

These two artworks draw upon the tradition of naming early British locomotives with cast bronze name-plates. However, these train plates bear poetic phrases that offer a philosophical proposition to each passerby.

‘REFLECT FROM YOUR SHADOW’ addresses the passenger in transit, poised between journeys, past, present and future. ‘FROM UNDER THE GLACIER’ reminds us of a much slower passage of time: how our journey through this network of tunnels has literally cut through geological time itself.

“Before you’ve even physically begun a journey you are already thinking in a numerical language: the first question we all ask ourselves is, ‘What time is the train?’ So it seemed appropriate to mark the starting point of the journey with a work engaged with a similar language.” – Darren Almond

For more information please visit: https://www.crossrail.co.uk/benefits/art-on-crossrail/artwork-at-bond-street

Commissioned in 2017 as part of The Crossrail Art Foundation’s public art programme for the Elizabeth line with the support of White Cube.


This project was co-funded by Selfridges and the City of London Corporation.