Talking about the weather

15 April 2010
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Sarah Butler on this story:

“Driving a Tube train is a solitary occupation, much like writing; perhaps this similarity (as well as the opportunity to ride in the front of a train!) explains why I was drawn to thinking about how I could work with Train Operators as part of the project. I have based a lot of my residency around the idea of conversation: I decided to look for train operators who were prepared to spend a couple of hours with me in their cab, and allow me to use our conversation as the basis of a new short story.

“Train Operators Francesca Alaimo and Jerry Semple agreed to participate. The idea for Talking about the weather came from a comment Jerry made about a Polish cleaner at Newbury Park, who had spoken to him for the first time on the day I met him. I also used the fact that Jerry spends a lot of time by the sea as a key theme in the story.”

Sarah Butler writes novels and short stories, here she collaborates with London Underground staff for an Art on the Underground project

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