A Lock is a Gate

24 August 2011
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main text here  sdfsdbf A LOCK IS A GATE is an Art on the Underground project. It is devised and led by artist Ruth Ewan with composer Kerry Andrew and poet Evlynn Sharp. It was created by young people from the Laburnum Boat Club youth project in Hackney. Nearly 40 members of the Club aged 9 to 19 years old took part in creating an album of experimental songs, album artwork in the form of a book of drawings, posters for the Central line and artwork for Bethnal Green Tube station. All the voices, words and drawings are the participants’ own.

A LOCK IS A GATE weaves sounds, songs and drawings into a part-real, part imagined journey that winds through London from the Tube to the canal. Along the way the young voyagers pass through a long canal tunnel and negotiate a lock. From their narrowboat they see puzzling sights and dazzling colours. They make songs telling of who they are and how they think others see them, and share their hopes and dreams for a better world in which to grow up.

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