my name is lettie eggsyrub – Learning Guide

This free Learning Guide has been devised for teachers of students at Key Stages 3-5 as an introduction to artist Heather Phillipson and her artwork my name is lettie eggsyrub.

The aim of this learning guide is to inform and inspire teachers at secondary schools and colleges – as well as those working with young people towards an Arts Aware Bronze – about the commission. This resource also looks at how art and culture can offer new perspectives on issues raised in contemporary society and their relevance to young people who are choosing subjects to study at school, exploring their own identities, raising issues that are important to them and contributing towards social change.

The Learning Guide explores three key themes drawn out of the work; Science and Art – how these subjects can work well together; Reproduction – gender roles and sexual politics; and Social Change – the egg industry and social-media developments. Outlined are associated activities exploring and responding to each key theme, in particular through visual art, video, creative writing and debate, with links to relevant area of the National Curriculum.

Heather Phillipson - Learning Guide

Download our free Learning Guide for Key Stages 3-5

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