not/nowhere x Other Cinemas: Super 8 workshop 

8 October 2022
A not/nowhere x Other Cinemas Super 8 workshop that approaches analogue filmmaking from the technical hands and theoretical perspectives. This workshop was delivered to members of the Other Cinemas’ film school aimed at Black and non-white filmmakers in Brent, London. This film school operates as a collective and helps not only share the basic skills needed to be a filmmaker through peer-led learning but also examines ways we can help each other create films which challenge the mainstream. From editing, lighting and operating a camera through to exploring issues of consent, race and colonialism, the film school collective seeks to build a supportive network of filmmakers who can rely on each other to grow, learn, create and engage critically with film.Inspired by Rhea Storr’s Art on the Underground commission Uncommon Observations, this three-part workshop begins with an online lecture on the visual structure of film and draws connections to writing and theory from Edouard Glissant, Saidiya Hartman, and Dionne Brand. Part two is an in-person introduction to using Super 8 cameras and shooting film. The group will explore some key creative features of the Super 8 format and the standard operation: how to load the camera and how to expose film correctly. The group will each have time for dedicated independent shooting, sharing a camera with one other participant to each shoot 2.5 minutes of Black and White Super 8mm film stock.In part three a feedback session will give time and space to watch and provide feedback on the Super 8 films.

not/nowhere is an artist workers’ cooperative that programmes workshops, screenings, exhibitions and other events.

Our mission is to ensure that local artists who use new media in their work can access film and media equipment, and acquire the training to use these machines creatively. We are committed to Black and POC artists exploring new possibilities for owning the means of production of our work and finding sustainability in our practice.

not/nowhere’s additional focus is to provide infrastructural support for artists working in all mediums, and enfranchise people living or working in London to take pleasure in expressing themselves creatively.

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