Delaine Le Bas

Born 1965, Worthing, UK, lives and works in various locations across the UK and Europe. Recent exhibitions include: Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju, South Korea, 2012; Gypsy Revolution, Cable Gallery, Helsinki, Finland, 2012; Reconsidering Roma – Aspects of Roma and Sinit Life in Contemporary Art, Kunstquartier, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany, 2011; Face To Face, Galerie DY’s, Brussels, Belgium, 2011; The World Turned Upside Down In The Cathedral Of Erotic Misery (After Kurt Schwitters), Latitude Contemporary Art, Lattitude, Suffolk, UK, 2011; Artblitz, Transition Gallery, London, UK, 2010. Represented by Galerie Kai Dikhas, Berlin and Galleria Sonia Rosso, Turin.