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Yayoi Kusama, Polka Dots Festival in London. Tube Map cover December 2011.

Dec 2011

Tube Map cover by Yayoi Kusama

Detail from Michael Landy Connecting Self to Other  © Michael Landy 2011

Nov 2011

Acts of Kindness

Central line
Sea Strata by John Maine, Green Park station. Photograph by Daisy Hutchison

Oct 2011

Sea Strata

John Maine
Green Park
Jubilee line, Piccadilly line

Aug 2011


Ruth Ewan, Kerry Andrew, Evlynn Sharp, Laburnum Boat Club
Bethnal Green, Stratford
Central line
Tube map cover series installed in Piccadilly Circus, 2011. Photograph by Daisy Hutchison.

Aug 2011

Tube Map Cover Series

Piccadilly Circus
All my lines in the palm of your hand. Tube map cover by Michael Landy, August 2011

Jul 2011

All my lines in the palm of your hand

Michael Landy
Full Circle by Knut Henrik Henriksen, 2009. Northern line concourse. : Photograph by Daisy Hutchison

Jun 2011

Full Circle

Knut Henrik Henriksen
King's Cross St. Pancras
Daria Martin, Jubilee line customer daydream survey, poster, 2010. Image courtesy of Freud Museum London

May 2011

Jubilee line customer daydream survey

Daria Martin
Jubilee line
Krisha Champaneri by her artwork, North Harrow Underground station, 2011. Photograph: Jon Butterworth

Feb 2011

New artwork by pupils from Nower Hill High school

North Harrow
Metropolitan line

Feb 2011

2010 Graduates: University of Westminster

Northwick Park
Metropolitan line
Good Time by Eva Rothschild. Tube map cover March 2011

Feb 2011

New Tube map cover by Eva Rothschild

Matt Stokes
The Stratford Gaff: A Serio-Comick-Bombastick-Operatick Interlude
Production photographs: Nadia Bettega

Oct 2010

The Stratford Gaff: A Serio-Comick-Bombastick-Operatick Interlude

Matt Stokes
Jubilee line
Barbara Kruger, Untitled (Tube Map), May 2010

May 2010

New Tube map cover by Barbara Kruger

John Gerrard, Oil Stick Work (Angelo Martinez / Richfield, Kansas), 2008. Canary Wharf Underground station, 2010. Photograph: Andy Keate

May 2010

Oil Stick Work

John Gerrard
Canary Wharf
Jubilee line
Poster for What is the City but the People? project by Jeremy Deller. Photograph: Daisy Hutchison

Feb 2009

What is the city but the people?

Jeremy Deller
Piccadilly line
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